Whitechapel Gallery Archive Help

Index Search

Exhibitions: Alphabetical list of exhibitions that have taken place in the Whitechapel Gallery.

Names: Alphabetical list of all Gallery directors and artists associated with the Whitechapel Gallery.

Dates: Selecting a date will bring up a list of all material covering that date. Currently you can search within the range of 1882 – 2005.

Catalogue numbers: If you know the archive catalogue number of the item that you are searching for you can use this list to find it.

Search Example

Using Exhibitions as a guide please find below step by step instructions as to how to search the database.

Select Exhibitions from the main list.

Click on ‘Search’ to bring up an alphabetical list of exhibitions. Select one of these and then again click ‘Search’.

An information page located below the ‘Search’ button will now be viewable stating how many records or ‘hits’ have been found for this exhibition. Click on any of these for a more detailed description.

Text Search

Selecting Text Search allows a free text search. Please note that currently the catalogue does not allow for a combination of unrelated words, for example East Academy will find 0 hits whereas East End Academy will find 64 hits. Please be aware of this and be as precise as possible when using text search.

Advanced search options - Define your search further

In all search results two other options are available to define your search further:

Index Search within Results

Text Search within Results

Both of these options operate as per the normal Index and Text Search but only within the given search results therefore allowing you to narrow down further your results.

Please note that the database is in a continuous process of being updated with new data. If you have any questions please contact the archivist archiveenquiries@whitechapelgallery.org